The most intuitive and feature-rich remote control for Spotify for Linux



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The most intuitive and feature-rich remote control for Spotify for Linux, NOT Windows or Mac OS X.

If you, like me, have a Linux-powered HTPC connected to a good sound system, being able to control Spotify wherever you are, using whatever device you've got, is great.

The Android app alone has been downloaded more than 50,000 times, and SpotCommander is used by lots of people all over the world, every day.

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Having any issues? Please report them here. You can also email me at mail at olejon dot net.

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SpotCommander can also transfer playback to other devices and control them.


* Means it requires Spotify Premium

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What users think

Excellent! I reverted to the old Spotify version and it works flawlessly. Next paycheck I'll be donating! It's fantastic! Thank you so much!
- Calipanhead

Very good app. I use it on Ubuntu 14.04 and Samsung S6.
- Luigi

Just brilliant. Never has an app given me more than I asked for. It's got lyrics, your whole Spotify profile and everything. Wonderful. Just wonderful. I am sorry I can't make a donation since I am broke myself (college student), but I am sending my love. Keep up the great work.
- Rahul

Love this app. Really good!
- Stephan

Excellent app. Very easy to install and use. Thank you for your hard work.
- Deeble

This is just what I wanted! Thank you so much - donation sent!
- Wes

Very good. The remote is very fast and the design is much better than the one of the original Spotify app. Amazing!
- Lennart

No problem installing, works like a charm! I hate having to install things on Linux, but I love the Spotify Connect function, which I couldn't use on my Ubuntu laptop. This solved the problem in 2 minutes. Excellent. So far no bugs.
- Floris

Outstanding. Very good remote control for Spotify on Linux. Definitely worth a donation.
- User

LOVE IT! Easy to install! Best app installed all year!
- Brandon

Love it! Just the app I was looking for all this time. It works flawlessly in Deepin Linux too. Thanks.
- Ahamed

Great tool. This is a great app. The 5 stars goes for the server side as well. As much quality as you'd expect from the official Spotify, which does not exist for Linux.
- Raul

Amazing. Really easy to configure. Great web help. Credit to developer. If use Spotify on Linux this is a must!
- Seán

Amazing app. Stable. Author had lots of attention to detail. This is how an app should be.
- Ian

Brilliant. Repurposed an old Windows netbook with a dead keyboard by installing a lightweight Linux OS. Now it's hidden out of sight, streaming Spotify to a vintage amp via a decent DAC. Excellent sound quality for minimal expenditure. SpotCommander works perfectly, with a load of features. I like how I can even turn the PC off directly from the app.
- Nicole

Awesome. Worked off the shelf with Ubuntu 14.04 without any problems or configuration.
- Brandon

Just works. Thanks! Now I have my own cheap Sonos.
- Tim

Seriously awesome. Better than any of the Windows remotes.
- Alex

Best spotify controller for Linux. I tried several other controllers but none had such a straightforward and feature packed interface. Very happy. Thanks.
- Richard

Very impressed. Great design, just works and no technical setup needed. This is what Linux needs!
- Andy

Best Spotify remote by far. Works very well. Beautiful and functional. Full control, artwork and integration.
- Dan

Wow! This app does everything I need it to and more! It is absolutely incredible! Developer, you are awesome!
- Jake

This is great! Fantastic job on functionality as well as looks.
- Manje

This is hands down one of the best apps available.
- Michael

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